Saturday, March 6, 2010

Writing Prompt 5 Part 2

So I did my word soup writing prompt yesterday at work. first i wrote a little scene between Petra and Jamie. It was super easy and quick and those words seemed to fit into a bit of story that I already had planned out.

But then i read it. Its quite a bit in the future and i decided i didn't want to show it to anyone because it reveals some things that people who've only got access to the first chapter shouldn't know yet.

so i wrote a poem too!

remember the words?? mascara, bridge, broken glass, pink, lighter fluid, dish soap, lake, literature, empty pop can

A bridge of broken glass
is no bridge worth crossing
With all of my heart I refuse to suffer
the tender pink bottoms of your feet
to cross any such length
Even though it spans a river of regret
and if you went forth
you could be free

Your pain would produce a lake of tears
running dark tracks on your beautiful face
that heavy mascara that is only a persona
The literature of your history cannot
be read in the paint on your eyes
Because your story is no more than hearsay
hushed word of mouth

An empty pop can glints dully
in the leaping light of tall dancing flames
from the line of thick lighter fluid
you sprayed between us out of spite
The river water flows sluggishly below us
like deep cobalt tinted dish soap
where it waits for the fire to make quick work
to swallow us both


The first 2 stanzas flew upon me in a flurry. Those flurrys can be dangerous if you're not prepared to grab onto them. but i was already writing, standing ready with my pen-net.

...i should make a pen-net... how cool would that be??

then i got to the last stanza and i had lighter fluid, empty pop can, and dish soap left and i didn't know what to do with it. I'm not sure if i really like the poem, but i got all the words in it so the writing prompt is a success. Now, I can go through and take out the stupid words i don't like and turn it into a real poem if i feel like it.

but not this afternoon. Lucky number Slevin is on. i have never seen it but the first 15 minutes have already sucked me in, so i'm going to spin some yarn and watch beautiful, beautiful bruce willis.

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