Monday, March 21, 2011

Jo & Sol

I have been thinking about Jo and Sol a lot lately and I have really wanted to work on editing my Nanowrimo story from 2009. It turns out i don't have all of it typed up yet... boo. But i'm on chapter 29 of probably 34 or 35 - enough to get a start.

So its printing right now. I have a binder prepared to hold it and i'm so ready to get back into the writing that i've put off, and ignored and missed so very much.

but i do have to go down to the storage unit and dig through the box of writing to pull out the chapters i didn't get typed. luckily i just cleaned the unit and i know exactly where it is. Then comes the tedious job of typing it all up, but i've got stuff to work on for some time before i need to really get that far...