Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Vacation's Over

I never did finish my week of babyless posts.  that's okay.  nothing special happened, really.  i cleaned the house and got the Guide all put together the way it's supposed to.  now to finish it.

Today i finished Sense and Sensibility and i had nothing to read afterwards (or i didn't wanna go back to Uncle Tom's Cabin) so i pulled out a sheet of paper and wrote down one of those things that's been rattling around in my head lately.  it relates to the Pilot.  and it sort of opens up a new avenue for me to go down to make that a better story.  it needs to be better.

it's just a short conversation between Nesris and her owner/brother/prince Nasinair.  I only  mentioned it once and only in retrospect the fact that even though Nesris was a slave Nasinair treated  her well, almost as a confidant.  i think going back and revealing more of her life as how it used to be will add to the story...  give Nesris and Dartia a little bit more time in the beginning...  And i also have a new idea about why and how she escapes.  the first one was clunky.  this one is better.

So i'm gonna dig out that binder and take it to work tomorrow.

now i have to go do my at home job.  a file from hell. i just want to finish it but i don't want to work on it.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

TBSC: Day 8

Today's the last full day.  i haven't been doing anything special.  Downton Abbey up the wazoo.  i got to work today and i'm reading Sense and Sensibility and i sat down and was somewhat disappointed; elinor and marianne... pfft.  i want Mary and Matthew.

The house is nearly clean.  my fingers hurt from the flower wrapping, but my are they pretty.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

TBSC: Day Four

Yesterday and today started out the same way.  i got up, i went for a walk, i spent some time at the coffee shop writing.  The first day i forgot my external hard drive so what had been intended as time to work on the Guide got to be time spent on Letters instead.

Yesterday i did random things around the house, worked, and wrapped flower stems as i got hookecd on Downtown Abbey.  Today i went back to my dad's house for a visit and to get pictures of me as a kid for our slideshow.  i texted my aunt to see if she'd be around and she asked me when i'd be heading home.  It was almost thrilling to respond with a cavalier, "idk. whenever."

Sunday, August 19, 2012

TBSC, Day Two

i didn't go to the coffee place like i expected to.  i didn't feel like working on my stuff after being all frazzled from the real job... because a four hour shift is a hell of a long shift.

so instead i came home and worked on stuff.  i finished the baby's scrapbook for the party.  i did some bathroom stuff.  i went for a drive.

we can't put me on speaker phone because when she hears my voice she cries.  but i've been engrossed in making a scrapbook about her all day so it wasn't like she was really gone.

but i still leave the light on low in the living room.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

To be Single and Childless, Day One

it was perfectly ridiculous to find myself so aimless and out of sorts this morning when there was no baby and no husband.  it's not like i see them before i go to work anyway.  we have just changed the daughter's schedule so that it's the same every day, not different the days i don't leave for the real job.

and then, of course, the day took forever.  I've been working on reading Uncle Tom's Cabin and i really like it, but it's moving slow.  yesterday i had an irresistable urge to read Pride and Prejudice.  I decided to just run across to the book store and get a new copy since my old version is a tiny paperback that at one point set out to see what it was like to be two paperbacks.  i could use a shiny new copy.

There's nothing that gives me a bigger book boner than a brand new, shiny trade paperback.  some people want the hardcovers, let 'em have it.  i love my trades.

So today i read P&P and this time around i'm picking up even more.  Mr Bennett cracks me the fuck up. i love that dude. 

I'm looking forward to tomorrow when i will have to go into work for a short time to make up hours, but then i'll be in the coffee shop working on putting The Guide in the correct order.  can't wait.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Desert Letters

I reached one of those classic stopping points in my rewrite of The Prophet.  one of those spots where i'm not really sure how i want to connect this part to the next.  and the thing that i thought about next was finishing the second Eillim and Enna story that i'm calling Letters from the Desert...

It's so much harder to write Enna than Eillim because i am not Enna myself.  Both the stories i feel tend to lean more toward Eillim's view.  but also, she is the more tortured one and she feels like she has to hold things together...

hey, that sounds like me.

Now i'm going to go watch  We Were the Mulvaneys because i happened to catch it on LMN and recorded it (and even within the first few minutes i'm seeing a deep cheese factor).  and i'm going to type up all the stuff i wrote today while i do it.