Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Nanowrimo: Day 30

Done. Bing. knew i could do it, thought i wouldnt be able to though. how long will it be before i come back to it? who knows. it needs stew time, lots of it. maybe forever because its odd and i don't know what i'll do with it, but i'm sure there's some good in there among the bad.

and as promised - the tally of stuff that went on!!!

final word count - 50,026
brand new bic pens completely depleted of ink - 2
cups of iced coffee - 7
gallons of Diet Coke - a million
bags of pretzles - 3
sheets of paper written on - 151
typed pages - 118
highest word count - 3,392 on the 12th
lowest word count - 802 on the 3rd
days played Red Dead Redemption instead of writing - 4
total chapters - 32
plot related epiphanies - 3
dropped story threads - 5
unfortunate events completed - 9.5
blog entries - 19
restarts - 1
pages of notes written - 6
topics that i probably repeated in conversation too many times just for the word count - 3
characters/cities given names with multiple parts just for the added word count - 4

big sigh of relief. we're back to normal life after this, or as normal as it gets. tonight as a celebration i will have sweet potato quesadillas with my favorite cousin and start to panic about christmas just around the corner.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Nanowrimo: Day 29

i should have written more at the coffee shop today, but then i wrote myself up against a wall and i don' t know what to do with this new information.

oh well 2000 words to go and i'll do them when i'm doing laundry tomorrow.

plus tomorrow's final blog post will include an exciting tally of all sorts of things that went on in this past month.

are you excited?

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Nanowrimo: Day 28

almost there. almost there.

and i say that in my head the way River Tam says it when she's leading Jayne and her brother toward the back exit out of the hospital -- i say it like a crazy psychic 17 year old schizophrenic... because i'm not just almost to the end of november and the end of the words, but i'm also near the end of my sanity.

we'll see which one i reach first.

just under 5,000 words in 3 days. i think i can get there.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Friday, November 26, 2010

Nanowrimo: Day 26

its almost over. i havent blogged in a while, though i have been working very hard on getting my words written and then typed and counted. its hard. i have no momentum.

and lemony snicket was the pep talker of week four. it made my day, even though he advised me to quit because it just isn't worth it. but do i listen to anything he says??

i only wrote 1800 words yesterday. on thanksgiving when it was super slow and i probably could have written 4000. but i took my knitting with me and so i didn't actually write much.

so i can't take my knitting to work today. i only have 4 days left.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Nanowrimo: Day 21

i realized yesterday when i got to work that the day before, the wonderous day of 1500 words, i had finished the day midsentence. that's pretty funny. i remember i had even left the notebook open next to me most of the night in case i thought of anything else i wanted to write, but i couldn't even finish that sentence.

yesterday i did 2600 words and they all came pretty easily and i forsee the same for today. the next section of the story is coming pretty quickly and the end is approaching almost as fast as the end of november (i'm trying not to panic about the fact that after november is december and i have not done any christmas shopping. at all.) but that means that my goal to have the story end at 50k words, rather than run on and on after the goal may be a realistic one.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Nanowrimo: Day 20

i wrote 1500 words yesterday. 1500!! i just got stuck.

i told the boyfriend that i can't not make it because if i don't then i just feel like i've wasted an entire month not doing all the other things i should be doing. yeah i'll have a good chunk of story out of it, even if it isn't the 50k, but i could have written it more slowly with more thought and less crazy crazy craziness.

at least i have the last two days of november off work so i can spend all day finishing the last words once i get there. i hope it doesnt end up being some ridiculous number that i'd never be able to finish, even in 2 full days...

Friday, November 19, 2010

Nanowrimo: Day 19

my head hurts and feels a little foggy and i fear that my writing today will suffer.

daily suggested word count is up over 2,000 again. boo. hopefully i can get almost 3,000 the next three days and make a better dent, like i did yesterday.

i have reached the point where my hand hurts all the time, not just after writing for a long time. damn the pain of longhand.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Nanowrimo: Day 17

i forgot to type up the few words i wrote while i was at the laundromat yesterday, so they've simply been added to the number i wrote for today at the coffee shop.

my weekends are difficult to write because there are so many other things i need to do, but at least my daily suggested goal is under 2,000 now and as long as i can get at least 14 pages done every day at work then i'm doing more than i need to.

Most interesting point of today: my finishing total of words is exactly 25,000. i'm 2 days behind the halfway point, but i stopped exactly at halfway. weird.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Nanowrimo: Day 14

i was not nearly as productive yesterday as the day before, but i did manage to write more than my adjusted suggested daily total. that part is awesome.

today i have to design a fairy highway. i had hoped to have an awesomely weird dream to pluck things from last night, which i did, but it wasn't about fairys. it was about zombies. shall i place some zombies on the fairy highway??

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Nanowrimo: Day 13

i did not blog yesterday after typing up my work from day 11. i was too irritated with myself at the slow pace at which i am moving.

but then i went to work yesterday and wrote nearly 4000 words. i actually had to stop because my hand hurt and i just couldn't write anymore. hopefully i can keep up this pace because my suggested daily wordcount is now up to 2000 and that is terrifying.

but i do really like the way that really tall bar on the chart on the website looks. it looks productive.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Nanowrimo: Day 10

i wrote a lot today. wahoo. i did not do the recommended amount per day, but i did more than yesterday.

i finished the introduction of Starfang, the fox. i'm about to come to the part with the house built up out of the field, which should be fun. that was inspired not by the drive i took last night, but remembering, on last night's drive the drive i took that one night and i saw all the fireflies in the fields.

its too cold for fireflies these days, but perfect weather for scarves and wristers.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Nanowrimo: Day 9

Today i wrote!

i only wrote 900 words, but at least i wrote them. I also managed to get over the 'what the crap is going on in this crazy world i invented' speed bump. I drew a map and everything. Maps always help, looking at a map can sometimes tell me, just through land division and type of soil and water resorces etc, what the people living there are likely to do, how they will act...

i introduced a new character today too. he is the last of the list in my list notebook that i created in the prep phase. he's a talking fox. i couldn't resist a talking animal, not in a story like this.

Best part of Day 9: Realizing, as i type up my longhand, i seperate my contractions so i can have the extra word in my word count.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Nanowrimo: Day 8

i should really stop being so hard on myself, and the nano site, because my numbers are skewed. since i input the words the day after i write them, i am actually a day behind. of course, being a day behind is still bad.

i didn't write this morning like i thought i would cuz the boyfriend's phone started ringing and he got up and ruined my morning. bogus.

but i have never had to work this hard for a story before. the past two years i have been crazy excited and crazy successfull at getting the words down. This year i have had to force just about every inch of the story and i have been utterly fruitless - a word here which means 'i'm totally sucking it up'*

but today is date day, so i'm not going to think about it much mroe, and will think harder about it tomorrow when i have the day to myself to get stuff done.

*have been totally reengrossed into A Series of Unfortunate Events to keep my brain kid-friendly and i really do love lemony snicket.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Nanowrimo: Day 7

The Nano site is quite irritating. I'm distressingly below the goal line and the stupid chart tells me at this rate i will finish on Dec 14. screw you, nano chart.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Nanowrimo: Day 6

yesterday i wrote very little, and i fear the same for today.

i reached the point of not knowing what other story there was and got stuck. Usually stuff slips in as i'm writing and its unknown to me and doesn't really make any sense, but it is the beginning of a thread and i can pick them up and run with them.

so far all i have is Darbin saying that there isn't much money for clothes since the armies left. that's not really a lot to go on. my characters are being secretive and not talking to me the way they should. don't they know this is nanowrimo!? don't they know i have work to do?

best part about day 5: Writing the watercycle bit, which is a contribution from the dear boyfriend.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Nanowrimo: day 5

I will likely write today at work, and i didn't blog, but did write yesterday. i could have blogged after writing last night when i got home from work but my brain was dead.

I got almost 3,000 words which is my at-work average. I have nearly reached the end of all of the story that got built up while i was prepping all throughout October. So today's writing is the terrifying unplanned type and i never really know what kind of shit is going to happen in those instances.

Best part of Day 4: legitimately using the word 'queer'

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Nano: Day 3

i did not write at all yesterday. i thought about it, but i simply ran out of time. i wrote this morning though. went to the coffee place and did about 4 pages. nothing much really happened but i notice already that i am doing a good job of moving things along quickly, since my goal is to make the story be finished at the 50 thousand word mark. and since i am modeling it almost after a childrens story - though i may already be making it a little to heavy for actual young readers - i don't want to spend too much time laying out really complex crap in the beginning.

i have to go off and do stuff around the house. clean up the craft room i just rearranged, play some video game - though i shouldn't i should be writing more because i'm 800 words behind and the Nano site has all these new stats to tell you just how bad you're sucking it up. score.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Nanowrimo Day 1

I have not written here in so long, but neither have i written anything else. What with all the sock monkeys I've been making. I've had a cold, and ran errands with a friend, and had a halloween costume to make on all of my days off. besides i've been allowing my writing guts to rest before Nano. but now since i will be writing every day, i will try to write here every day as well... or at least as often i as i do write since i do take days off...

I was not nearly excited as i have been in the 2 previous years, but still ready to do it. I actually started at midnight while i was at work at the end of my shift last night. I wrote two pages.

I got to the coffee place this morning and read those two pages and started over. that's against the rules - i think - but it was all midnight-been-at-work-for-9-hours gibberish and i couldn't figure out how to continue out of the garbage to something new.

But whatever. It is a good story already. I wish i knew more 9 year olds so i would have something to base my very young hero after... I'm planning on rereading the Lemony Snicket books in this next few weeks because i really like the narration style and the narration is going to be a big part of the story...

Even though i'm a few hundred words behind for the day i am not worried. Its just the first day and i'm barely through first introductions.

Best moment of Day One: The wind whipped thunderstorm of a mother, and a peanut butter cookie.