Thursday, March 4, 2010

Elenore is sick!

My poor laptop Elenore has been ailing for more than a year now. I very recently replaced her second broken cord (after fixing both of the first ones numerous times until there was no more fixing left...)

The battery itself inside the computer has also had some issues over the years. For a long time now it has not charged when plugged in, so it would go directly into the 'low battery' alert as soon as you unplugged it.

it's been dying a little bit more, and now the computer no longer recognizes it as a battery. new battery time, which is both exciting and expensive.

but of course all of my writing is trapped on Elenore's hard drive. This actually makes me very happy because it gives me the perfect excuse to keep working on the 2008 rewrite!! I can't get to the prequel, but the rewrite has only been half typed and i have no problem doing it over again on the boyfriend's desktop.


Also, my craft room is clean.

Double Score!!


  1. I planted a tree in fifth grade and I named it Eleanor. That is all.

  2. the tree i planted in 5th grade was named Mr. Shade Tree.