Friday, August 29, 2014

Because I'm 30 Now

What was the hiatus for this last time?  i don't know, there always seems to be one.

I turned 30 since I last typed here.  I didn't have any sort of crisis, except for a few momentary thoughts about the Verse.  Seriously.  it's so very unfinished.

I have been moving along on Scribophile, getting the short teaser introduction stories critiqued and smoothing out the kinks.  My very first goal is to get them all compiled and publish them as an ebook on Amazon.  i finally landed on Amazon one, because it's free, and two because they have a cover designer, so i don't have to wait around for my husband to finish his cover design for me (of course the one he started is for Shade and Shadow).

I have a new office.  A meltdown of all hardware, software and components has stuck me permanently on the desktop for transcription, and the forthcoming Bat Falcon child has banished us from the upstairs office to the corner of the finished part of the basement.  But i took the opportunity to put a bookshelf just to my left and lined up the binders in which the novels live.
I even labled them because i can never really remember which one is in which binder.  And they will sit there and stare at me and beg me to complete them.  And i hope i will respond.  Because i'm 30 now, and this is getting a little ridiculous.  not a single one is completed.  the fifth one doens't even have a binder yet!
Just now i took a break from working and reorganized the usb with all the saved documents, as well as putting some stuff in my Google drive to work on without having to search for the touchy usb my dad had to re-solder.
because i'm 30 now.  that must be my  motivation.