Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring and Distracted

So a few weeks ago, before the Rewrite took control of my life i bought a new notebook and started writing the next one of the sci-fi series. We're going to call it the Connector from now on because it connects the first 3 that involve Daniel with the Nanowrimo 2009 story about Jo.

I wrote 9 pages in this notebook then the Rewrite happened and i got distracted (and speaking of distraction. You know how you sometimes make fun of people by saying "oh, did someone distract you with a shiny object?" The other day i was literally in the middle of a sentence while talking to my boyfriend and i suddenly said "oh! look at that! it's so sparkly!!"...)

But i'm cleaning right now (and not writing a writing prompt. but do you know how many colored pencil/crochet/needle roll-ups i've done in the past 2 days?? i'm beat and out of creativity beans for the moment)... damnit i did that long can't-remember-what-i-was-saying-parenthases thing again.
damn, i'm distractable today.

I found this notebook and i was interested to know what i'd gotten down and how far i'd gotten. It's actually all pretty damn good. i mean, it needs work, of course, but there's a lot of really cool strings of words that will not be changed in any revision.

here's the first paragraph, which i think is just a bit fitting for the weather.

Spring again. Very early spring yet, so early in fact that you might not even know it. Still those patches of snow on the damp ugly grasses, still the flat gray mornings that spoke of nothing but winter's restless desperation. You wouldn't think it in the dead of night when everything was still winter quiet in the dark and the bite of the breeze was ruthless.

that's straight from my notebook, no corrections at all. I usually try to edit things before posting them but i thought this would be more fun. as you can see i like to write in fragments and run-ons. there is also a lot in between each sentence that is implied, but not written down yet...

ok, i gotta go finish cleaning now.

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