Sunday, August 15, 2010

so it turns out...

i was right to write the don't think about it story. i finished it at work yesterday and it definitely could be longer, but it is actually quite nice as it is.

the funny thing is, i never was able to come up with names for either my main characters. i complain constantly about not being able to name completed stories, but coming up with character names is actually rather easy. i chose a first letter from the alphabet that i haven't used in a while and then start putting random other letters after it, coming up with quick fantasy names.

but there was nothing for these two. so i wrote the entire thing without a name for either of them, expecting to figure one out when i'd finished. but i got to the end with only one confusing bit where it was hard to determine which 'he' i was talking about, but i got that sorted during the retype. so we're going to leave them nameless, because i do love them that way.

and the funniest thing is, i knew the name of it from about halfway through. i'm calling it The Third Bed.

this story is an anomaly. no character names and a title to boot. taking it to work today to edit. perhaps. we'll see how the day turns out.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


today i started writing the story i'm not supposed to be thinking about. i really tried so hard, sure i did! this blog wasn't around last year when i had the wonderous idea for the spaceship story and i thought 'yeah i'll save that for nanowrimo'. i tried to save that one too, oh the desperation in my attempt... it started to fester behind its door so i had to write it out as fast as possible.

well this story wasn't exactly festering, but i had been peeking in on it just occasionally when my mind would wander on a call at work and i wouldnt realize that i was being drawn by the chimes. what i saw happening though, was not a full on developed story with a plot or anything, just these two people in this dark room making conversation. it was about the people and the story was not developing to involve the lives they lived outside this room. saving it until nano might have been a good idea, but i think i would prefer to hope another door appears in my mind in the next month or so that has 50 thousand words behind it just ripe for the taking.

i didn't actually get very far because it has been insanely busy at work lately. my bet is the heat. its keeping all the old folks inside so they don't just fall over dead in the streets. in all honesty, i wouldn't much mind. it has been so busy that i have trouble not FREAKING THE FUCK OUT every other call. it is so busy that we are not getting time between calls to chill and to chill is to stay focused at craptel.

for the next 4 weeks i told the boyfriend i would not be coming home early in order to have 2 big checks right before the vegas trip. but i came home early today and he yelled at me and said 'i knew you weren't going to make it'

but i clarified that that starts tomorrow (but did not point out that the last hour of my shift i took off today is technically tomorrow). he bet me i couldnt make it (giving me a period day if i need it) i took the bet. the reward is sexual favors or a home cooked dinner. you can ponder over who gets what amongst yourselves.

i know i'm totally going to win because when he bets me i don't lose. like that time he bet me everything in his wallet i couldn't beat him at bowling. the score sheet is still on the fridge.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

nothing much to say...

but i have gotten into the habit of blogging after i edit at the coffee place. I got to the end point where i just couldn't go on but i still have some coffee left and i don't want to walkk jut yet.

everything i edited was off the top of my head today, and makes the story better. it was one of those clumsy sections that i never really liked, not even after i edited it. when i go through it next time i'll be sure to look it over closely but i think it will be good.

played video games with the boyfriend ALL DAY yesterday. i'm for serious. but it was fun. i like gaming with him. especially when it involves teamwork, which we can be hilariously bad at.

i don't know what to read tomorrow at work. maybe i'll type up the 2 other apocolypse stories so i can edit them. i've had another one of those instances where i read a book that makes me want to read nothing ever again.

omg. i just had a massive heart attack and hyperventalated and my head exploded while i was peeing my pants. i googled the book, looking for a link and found a picture!!

and the picture led to the fact that the book Marjorie Morningstar had been made into a movie with Natalie Wood and Gene Kelley and now i have to stop at blockbuster on my way home from walking so i can watch it while i sew dammit dolls.

watching this movie may be a bad idea, but with actors like Natalie and Gene, even if its not true to the story it will still be a fantastic movie, just like though Jane Eyre wasn't really good with the wimpy whiney Joan Fontaine, i still loved it and I fell in love with Orson Welles because of it. I heart Rochester (Mr. Weenie face).

but watching this movie may also be a good idea because it will get me over my Marjorie hump, either way. then i can get back to The War of the Worlds which has far too many notations on the bottom of what words mean. seriously. i know all of these words.

Monday, August 9, 2010


that damned door in my head!! its like an old todash door, off its hinges and echoing chimes through the entire hallway. it makes me woozy and i have to force myself to concentrate on something else in order to not be sucked in, because the monsters beyond that door will devour me.

in order to keep myself distracted from idle thoughts about the new story snippet mentioned in the last post and supposedly forgotten about, i have been working on the series of short stories that i'm just calling the Apocolypse stories (Though i should go back and make sure i didn't call them something else earlier... note to self...). They will include the coffee maker story that i wrote earlier as a writing prompt. So far i have 3 additional stories that are linked, though not directly. One has been sitting in a state of edited limbo, and i may have even mentioned it before. I'm calling it Artemis cuz that's the main characters name. easy peasy titling there. The two additional stories are written but not typed and both sort of fun. i'm really getting a feeling for this world.

yet i still hear the chimes...

Today at the coffee shop i have edited Artemis and i'm gonna post it on AD since i haven't posted anything there since i finished Shade and Shadow. I cleared the stats for that once chapter 5 hit 150 and the others were in the high 200's. i've been watching them still while they're not new anymore and its funny the way numbers 2, 3, and 5 have so many more views that 1 and 4. i suppose those are the best chapters, though i like 4 better than 5. the foxen is more interesting in that one.

so here's the link to Artemis: now i have to leave the coffee shop cuz i've been here forever. It took nearly a million years to edit that thing. Plus i was distracted by a chat on Facebook... it happens.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

you know what's coming up?

National Novel Writing Month. i know that its really 3 months away but i'm going on vacation in a little over one month and by the time i get back it will be nearly october and october, with all of its cool weather and pretty colors goes by so quickly. and then it will be november and then i will be expected to write 50 thousand words even though i haven't yet finished any of the novely things i have begun.

but if i won 2 years in a row, why oh why would i not try again for a third year?

so i've been pondering on it, but only a bit. i knew i should probably write something NOT AT ALL connected to the crazy storyness i have going on right now. it will make my life easier and saner. if i want to connect it later, so be it, but for now it will not occur in my existing universe.

and today i sort of came up with 2 scenes that will be my seedlings of story. i built a door in my brain and behind it the story will grow but hopefully not so quickly that i have to start writing it before nano - or that i have too much of it figured out before november arrives and i feel i can't legitimately use it.

its one scene that leads to the next. One is not nearly as interesting or fun as the Next, but they're both important. Next was inspired i think by the scene from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid when Sundance sits in the shadows and tells Etta to get undressed which totally turned me on, even when i was a kid... or maybe it was just robert redford. or maybe those two things are interchangeable.

so i'm excited to write these little glimpses and to find out where else they will take me come november. but i'm not going to think about it any more until then. and you shouldn't either. ready, set, stop thinking!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

i heart coffee

today i didn't really edit so much as watch videos on youtube while at the coffee shop. in the end i did get about 4 pages of thickly edited stuff done. i think it was actually pretty productive work since most of the edits i applied i made up on the spot rather than going by what i had put in the pages. This has been happening more and more frequently since the whole beginning part is different and i have to modify everything to compensate. le sigh.

i have also been typing, in the mornings while watching gilmore girls and full house, the rest of the spaceship story. when i organized i went into my word document to see if i had ever finished the dastardly chore of typing up my handwritten shit and it turned out i hadnt. im doing it cuz i have to, but the thought and writing process has continued to develop and i'm typing stuff that isn't exactly true anymore. sometimes i change things, but mostlly i 'm not even reading what i'm typing. just 'staying on the clip' as they call it at craptel.

but i have been pretty consistant with all of my work, working when i should - even if i have to force myself to do it instead of the fun stuff like cleaning my apartment. that's what i'm doing today. joy oh joy. but at least i get out of my walk and the laundry. cleaning will be enough exercise and i'll be doing the laundry tomorrow. so i'll clean in between playing video games today...