Saturday, March 20, 2010

Running Parallel to Me

so today in the shower (my best brain-writing location) i suddenly realized that i wanted to redo all of the Rewrite in first person present, rather than first person past tense. which means redoing EVERYTHING i have already done. thousands of words, a hundred or so pages, 12 chapters.

it almost makes me want to cut my hands right off and turn them over to my auntie mommy so she can have ones that don't hurt. and then i would be free of this madness of changing everything all the damn time and giving myself so much more work than i need.

and on the topic of the Rewrite, i have a name for it. I pulled down the binder that i keep the printed out copy of the first draft of. it's a partially done word binder that has one piece of artwork on it. its abstract and a black and white image from a magazine. on the top of the picture i wrote "running parallel to me"

i have no idea if this is the name of the painting, or if it is something that i came up with and wrote on this particular binder while i was working on editing after Nanowrimo2008, thus giving it a name that i promptly forgot about.

whether one or the other (i googled it and didn't get a result of the image, but that doesn't exactly mean much because EVERYthing isn't googleable) i think that's the name i'm going to use. Running Parallel to Me.

except i suddenly realize i don't like the looks of that word parallel. i don't like the way it looks at all...

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  1. I know what you mean about the rewrite fiasco! Every time I start to move forward I get a new idea that requires a lot more work to implement. In an attempt to simplify things I created a new word document and I record all of the non-essential 'changes' in there to be implemented when I've finished (to enable me to constantly progress). But I guess you can't really do that with changing the tense, it'll just be a case of more hard work on your part, but keep at it. It’ll be worth it in the end!

    I like the title by the way. It sounds very poetic.