Wednesday, March 17, 2010


So I got all distracted for a little while over a story about two girls falling in love, but i'm so over it now. Not really, but all the new stuff is written and all I need to do is rewrite the old stuff.

all i really wanted to be doing was working on the Prequel but i'm at a roadblock of indecision and frustration. The first four or five chapters are a mess and i don't know what to do with them. At the moment i am Sans Elenore so I can't do much work anyhow. but i'll be getting her back the 23rd with all of my written words (and pictures and music) intact. Fuckin' Woot.

When I started planning the prequel i had a dream of it beginning a little bit in the middle. I wanted everyone's first view of Anka and Loki in that first chapter to be during this one particular instance where Anka falls off a cliff (she's not clumsy like me, though. I envy her grace) and of course Loki saves her. It sets up the relationship between these two characters so well, the whole chapter does in a way that countless chapters of introduction story wont.

But starting in the middle of the story was what got me into trouble in the first place. Because of the length of time i've been working on these two base stories (the prequel and the nameless monstrocity) things have morphed, characters have changed, and when I introduced Daniel into the tapestry late in 2007 he sort of stole the show.

(he's done it more than once now. I brought him into the spaceship story only as a way to connect the spaceship to Anka for future use but Daniel has stolen that story too. He really is full of himself...)

But daniel comes into the lives of my older characters at a mid-point and the past was weak and confusing because i was so busy moving forward. That's why i'm writing the prequel - because i didn't write the story i was working on for all those years once Daniel appeared. i wrote something different, but we still need that old story to truly understand.

i say we, but i mean you. i get it all, but that's cuz it's all in MY head of course...

So, i need all the past introduction getting-to-know-each-other story parts. so my options are to start at the real beginning, and give up my original dream of having Anka fall off a cliff (i may not even keep that peice exactly intact if it's not the beginning part. I don't feel i'd even need it). Or i can start with that chapter and then jump all the way back and catch up. OR... i can do what i sort of intended in the first place was have the first 4 or 5 chapters mirror the past and the present until the reader knows everything.

Option one makes me sad. option two is my newest idea and seems the easiest and least confusing, and option three was the one i was going to go with originally, but seems a little complex.

I guess what i really need is to sit down and just finish getting the revisions into my computer copy, and then i can piece them together in different formations to see which one i like the best. That, of course, means i need my computer back.

so maybe i'm not as anxious as i really think i am about this story, i'm just impatient to get my computer back and start working again.

Monday i wrote 5 pages (composed on the computer too!!) of some of the stuff that i am missing that needs to be added into those first few chapters. I'm very much looking forward to the 23rd.

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