Friday, February 11, 2011

I'm so sick!!

well, i'm actually just barely sick anymore but there was one bright spot. my laptop's cord recently failed. again. thats like the 4th one or something. All of my writing is stored on that computer and i had no way to get into it and so no way of editing or printing up anything for work-time editing. Even though i wrote that last blog post with every intention of working on SOMETHING. but i didnt.

since i stayed home sick from work yesterday i was here when the boyfriend's brother came over with his laptop, which is just like mine and i was able to use his cord to transfer all of my writing onto the desktop. score. so now my intentions will hopefully be followed through.

Oh! I did work on one thing though. I wrote a couple pages on the next story. i found the notebook where i'd written the first chapter or so on a pile of notebooks and i took it to work and found a little inspiration. moving forward. chug chug.