Wednesday, March 24, 2010

not productive, as of late

and that, of course, is only a half lie.

i have been reading some really great books at work lately (needful things, the time traveler's wife, on writing, mary lavalle...) so i haven't had the interest in writing that i usually do. in addition, i didn't get my computer back yesterday because my grandparent's cancelled grandpa's b-day party on sun because he was sick. so my dad didn't take it there and i am hovering over depression at still being seperated from dear Elenore.

and at home i have been gearing up for the art fair that is going on next month so i am spending more of my time sewing and crafting than i am writing. But that is not a big deal in any sense of the word. as a 'woman of many talents' as the guy on the phone from my college said when i told him why i wasn't using my degree for anything worth speaking of, i jump from one thing to another, but i will always come back to writing.

and just because i'm not hand writing, does not mean i have stopped brain-writing. i've been just letting the little garden of inspiration grow for the time being, letting the epipahnies get a bit bigger before i go stomping through to pick them. sure, the weeds are growing too, but i can always tell a weed from a real literary plant. or so i like to think.

it is wednesday, so i think i am going to go in search of a writing prompt i can do. it hasn't occured in a few weeks like i so very much swore it would. mostly i did that in order to keep myself productive. i had a fear that i would start this blog and then just disappear. But i have been keeping myself in motion in one area or another pretty easily these days. especially after i finished cleaning the craft room.

plus!? i'm 6 pounds from my next weight goal. As of this morning i have lost 19 pounds since thanksgiving. which is sort of a long time, but i'm doing it slowly and i have weeks where i don't give a crap. my goal is 175 by september when we go to Vegas, and at this rate i will most definitely get there. I really love putting on the shirts again that i had stashed in the 'too fat to wear' pile.

anyhow. i may be back later today, or maybe early afternoon tomorrow with a writing prompt. until then...


  1. I like the 'writer twin' idea. It's interesting reading another's stories of the joys and troubles of writing!

    Do you find that when you let the 'garden of inspiration' grow, that it's more difficult to write afterwards? I know it sounds like a silly idea, but everytime I have a 'good idea' I feel compelled to insert it immediately, no matter how much of a rewrite will be required. For that reason I almost hate having them, as every time I start to move forward I end up going backward very quickly to incorporate it! It's sort of a race to write my novel before my mind is disturbed by another idea!

  2. slow is the way to go, then it stays off ... and you know that aerosmith song, "i don't want to miss a thing." i keep humming it and thinking "i haven't written a thing" but for a lot of the same reasons you aren't writing, plus the writing that occurs in our heads!

  3. gcw-

    a lot of times i get a good idea while i'm writing, and rather than go back, i incorporate it into the present. my first drafts are completely unreadable for this reason. the past changes as i move forward, but since i'm the one writing it, i am aware of all the changes and i know what it's supposed to be, even though i wrote something different.

    and sometimes i write out a little outline on a post it and stick it on the page where i want to add something. i dont always necessarily write out every little new bit fully.