Thursday, September 18, 2014


I found the notebook.  It was on a shelf in the closet of the then-office now-baby's room that has yet to be cleared out of office related things.  And it is blue.

So i immediately sat down and read through Edonith's story.  i didn't even look at Daniel's because it's E's that has me ruminating.

This morning as i was working i made the decision to cut it completely from the collection of character intro teasers.  The teasers include Loki, Anka, Daniel and Carrie, Nesris, Boss and Milah.  These are my core characters.  Edonith is important, yes.  He is the reason that Anka survives a lot of her injuries, but is he so very important that i need a teaser for him?

That question made me wonder then about Nesris.  Yes, she eventually leads Daniel back to Carrie, but is she core?  Do i just not want to cut her because her story with Nasinair is so awesome, and the first one i did?

But no, i think in the end she will fits.  Because she is the connection between the Anka part of the verse to the Enaj twins, and they are, of course, important because they lead to another aspect of Spencer that his parents' story does not.  and if i plan, after the short stories, to release Shade and Shadow and Letters, this will be a connection that is needed.

But then, just a few minutes ago i decided i did need Edonith's story.  it gives his background of developing his Feeling Hands later in life than his people are accostumed to, but this is also something that can be explained in a few paragraphs, if that, by Barious after Anka's first meeting in the botony class with him...

he's important, but is he important enough?

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


I'm missing a notebook.

the one with the last two short character stories...

I think it's blue...?

I'm really only posting because usually that means I'll find it....