Thursday, January 24, 2013

Shadow Letters

I finally got Shade and Shadow and Letters printed out and i took it to work and i went through the whole thing and did some work to it.

It's funny.  I have Shade already started to be Smashed... i thought it was ready to go, but even now,  having read through it eleventy-seven times and doing how many revisions, i'm still making more.  Of course, now with the second one there are things that need to be tweaked  just-so so they match up with the later story.

And Letters... i've read through it on the computer a thousand times and thought it was nice and done, and i wouldn't have to do much to it.  boy was i wrong.  Not only edits and elaborations and pretification but one of the letters themselves.  Completely wrong.  assigning an attribute to the wrong sister.  read it a thousand times, never noticed it before.

Sometimes i'm such a dunce.

So now i suppose i should go get some coffee this coming sunday and apply revisions to at least one of them. 

It feels good to half-cross out one of those things on my to-do list for 2013

Saturday, January 19, 2013

A While

It's been a while.  i posted a couple things on this blog but those got moved to my new, other blog.  i'm not going to link it.  you don't get to see it.  it doesn't concern you.

I've made a list of things i want to do in 2013.

I want to get back to Troubled or Troublesome
I want to get things typed up that is still only in notebooks
I want to get both Third Bed and Shade/Shadow and Letters Smashed and uploaded
I want to do Nanowrimo with my time travel sort of story with Elliette

Tomorrow i have insisted to  my husband that i am leaving the house with him in it to take care of the child while i go get coffee and do some writing.  not sure what i'm going to work on... just the need to work itself is calling to me.

I've been on a long break.  not even revisions.

Which reminds me.  I want to do print outs of the Eillim/Enna stories so i can revise them.  I've been wanting to do this for weeks, but since the printer's not actually hooked up; each time i want to use it i have to pull it out and plug it in and that's soooooo muuuuuuchh woooooorrrrrk...

But i've been reading.  Really good books too, though i can't recall a single one i've read of late.

Also, i saw The Perks of Being a Wallflower my teenage favorite book.  i was not disappointed.