Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry Christmas

you know what i got myself for christmas? dragon 10 and a usb memory stick. the memory is going to be for my pictures, of which i have a lot. I may later buy a second one to keep my stories on but i just wanted the one for now. i wonder if my compter will run any faster when not bogged down by all those damn pictures. and music. maybe i'll clean out my music too.

I've been working on the sequel at work but i feel like it's slow moving. I still can't find the binder or the final notebook for the spaceship story and i'm starting to wonder about it's existance in reality. maybe i just made it all up. it's in none of the places where things are or used to be. rar.

But one thing i did find as i read the first two notebooks of the spaceship story. it's something i realize time to time when going through old stuff i've written. I am a good writer. i don't always believe it but when i'm reading a story of my own getting engrossed and laughing and being surprised i know that what i'm writing is at least interesting.

can't wait to get my dragon program and get all the other stories spoken into the computer.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Writing Button

I have decided that my writting button lives in or near my uterus. when it was full of baby it was switched off and i had no urge to write a thing. not even a journal of being all full of baby. that would just been a journal of how crappy i felt and how much i wanted to not be pregnant anymore...

but now i'm all freaking over the place. I started to write the Sequel at work. which is hilarious that it's called the sequel. it's been in my head since i finished the first draft of the monstrocity in 2007! that's right four years ago. there's three stories now between them so sequel is a stupid name for it but i can't call it anythign else or i won't know what the hell i'm talking about.

but the sequel has become the culmination of all the stories. the end, i suppose. all the loose ends are tied up and golly gee, i can't remember what happened in the spaceship story. i knew that i was headed toward writing this in the last couple weeks and that's the reason i wanted to reread the connector... to get reaquainted with some of those loose ends and the overall story i'm trying to tell.

but now i recall that i have some stuff in the spaceship story as well. so i have to find and read that. most of that is typed up (i freaking need to buy Dragon for myself, now that i'm seeing how many things i havent finished typing and how little time i have to do so!!) but i can't find the printout anywhere.

and i know i have a print out. i have to. i'm pretty sure its in a maroon binder because i remember having the disucssion with myself about how i already had a maroon binder that had nothing on the cover, but no, it's alright because the other one is a skinny binder and i'll totally be able to tell the difference just by the size. i remember that conversation!

but i can't find it.

why is it i can never find anything?

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What if I can't find...

the part two notebook of the Connector (aka nanowrimo 2009) which i don't have typed all the way yet?

it could be in the box down in the storage unit, but i left the notebooks with stories not yet typed completely out of the box on purpose.

i think my head is going to 'splode.

Saturday, December 10, 2011


Do you know how awesome Scrivner is? I bought it after thinking about it for one day and knowing that if i bought it that day i could get the discounted rate as a preorder. it was a whim, but i'd been working so much and had so much money that actually shelling out 36 dollars on a whim didn't hurt me in the least. two jobs does rock sometimes.

but i haven't really had a chance to use it and the first time i opened it up and started typing in my nano story i wasn't impressed.

but then yesterday! i opened it up pulled up the corkboard screen and i started putting up index cards witi character names. all the characters. even if they're only mentioned once or twice. i've always wanted to be able to do this because i never remember character names and sometimes i think i reuse them or create something that's too close to something else./

And then i was looking at it and i seperated all those index cards into seperate folders for the story specific characters. and hten i was looking at the index cards and i started making piles of related characters.

So now i have these folders, full of neat little piles of index cards and more folders that are full of even more piles of index cards and the thing is i don't have to have any index cards. or folders. or neat piles. cuz the lord knows there ain't none of them 'round these parts. neat piles. that's a joke, right?

Today i took the connector (nano 2009) to work today and started to edit what i have printed out of it. I'd like to print the rest but i'd have to type it first. man i hate typing my stories. anyway, i got to look at the connector and revisit Sol and Jo and i'm excited to get deep into it and ad the characters in Scrivner and seperate the chapters for easier movement of story pieces and pile it all in neat little folders with index cards. i call it the Ankaverse.

and i'd write more, but the baby's calling.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Nanowrimo 2011: The Wrap-up

i liked doing my stats last year, so here they are again:

final word count - 42,625
average words per day for the 19 days i actually wrote: 2,243
total word count if i'd been able to type it up and seperate my contractions like i usually do for wordcount padding purposes- 43,636 - still not a win :(
times used the running gag of main character looking for his glasses - 15
pens used - 2 and 1/2 including a transplant of ink well into pen with a better ball
cups of iced coffee - 18
total notebook use - 11 pages shy of a whole 3 subject notebook plus 2 pages of printer paper
highest daily word count - 2,910 on the 17th
lowest daily word count - 1,304 on the 21st
most amount of words written on one page - 305
total chapters - 16
plot related epiphanies - 3
books read: the second half of Little Women and the first half of Catch-22
continuity problems - 2, both relating to the fact that furniture was removed from the apartment, but Vincent still continues to use it.