Tuesday, May 29, 2012

So I Lied

I did manage to both work and do some writing over this long, long week off.  I typed up the rest of the bits that i'd written for The Guide.

I also read through The Third Bed.  I so very much want to get that up on smashwords and considering that i only changed maybe a dozen words on this read through i think it's ready.  I just have to format it and that's where i lose focus.  there's so many steps!

maybe i need to go to the coffee place and sit down and do it.

and then i can do it to Shade and Shadow, cuz that's the other one i want to put up there.

but now i have to work some more.  and i have to go back to the real job tomorrow so i have to figure out what i'm going to work on or what i'm going to read...

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Making His Move

I tell him, at the hotel the night before the wedding, that he could've gone to play with the boys.  i don't mind working in our room with the TV on in the background alone.

"Yeah, but I didn't want to take a shot, i could have said 'no' but i want to go to bed soon," he tells me as he crosses to the window.

"We're old.  We're one of those old married couples," I sigh.

"Yeah.  A kid does that," he agrees.  A pause, "Aw, look at that old married couple sitting on the bench."


"Yeah, come see."

And i do.

"He's making his move," he tells me.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Short Stretch of Freedom

Because the husband's grandfather died plus the wedding we were going to this weekend i have taken the entire week off work.  10 days total.  i'm on day 3 and already i feel it's going too fast.

i'm not doing much story work, though i have all this time.  I don't have the vacation from the real job to cover all the hours i'm missing, so i have to make it up with the at home job.  but, as always, i am not angry about this.

I did actually spend some time working on the Pilot the other day.  more like scribbling in margins and whatnot.  i really am still very disappointed by the awfulness of the story.  every time i would open my locker at work and see the binder it's in i would tell it so.  So Disappointed!

ah well.

the title of my last post: Letters From the Desert, i realized later that's probably gonna be the title of the Shade/shadow sequel.  i'm a little worried about it... not only is it coming out of me slowly but the story itself is moving slowly.  with the first one moving so fast i thought i'd want the second one to match.  but they're both older now... much older.  so maybe it's the right thing to go slow.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Letters From The Desert

The baby happens to be Asleep when i get home from work today.  so Friends is on the TV (the episodes in and around barbados... i love Paul Rudd) there are a bunch of veggies boiling to be pureed and i have a moment to Talk About Things.

I finished Julie and Julia and that day i went to the bookstore to get something new.  i went specifically for a new Sarah Addison Allen book.  i got The Girl Who Chased the Moon and finished it quickly.  didn't like it as much as the others.  sad face.

But i also happened to find The Devil Wears Prada which i saw and loved as a movie, there's too many awesome actors in it to not love it...  i also got this book that i forget the name of but it's a mystery set in the 1300?  and the cover was awesome?  and also the title?  i don't know, we'll see how i like it.

But i laughed when i noticed that in a close time to one another i was reading two books in which Meryl Streep stared in the movies.  So now i decided to read all her other movie books.  not in a crazy Julie Powell way.  i don't have the energy for being totally crazy right now.  but i'll look them up.  i'll see what she's been in as movies.  maybe i've already read the books.  was she in Bridges of Madison County? was that her. 

I've actually read that one.

on purpose.

and no one told me to.

I have also been inching along in the Shade and Shadow Sequel.  not named yet.  definitely not coming together with the same ease as the original, but it has that sort of same back and forth motion...

and as long as i've been pondering over its iminent arrival i've known i wanted it to be lots of letters from the desert.  from eillim to enna...

it's turning.

and the foxen is back.  and i can't express how that makes me feel.  swoony... swoony's a good word.  i love the foxen the way all mortals women do.

maybe i do have the energy to be "totally crazy" all the time.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Enna And Eillim Return

the desert burned her a strange shade of pale.  it was her mother's influence that now made her stand out among the darkly tanned desert folk.  even here, in this other land of hers, she did not fit in.  and that's how he got to her.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bemused Disappointment

It takes a lot to get through my days at my real job.  yes, getting through is the entire point of the job that pays for my health insurance.  When it comes to my from-home job, i sometimes have frustrations, but for the most part it's almost blissful.  if only i could pay for insurance then i'd quit and there would be no need for clarification; it would simply be my job.

To get through a day of work i employ many tatics.  i edit stories.  i write stories.  i read stories.  Good books can be both a blessing and a curse when it comes to soldiering through a day.  they can be so good that my day flies by; before i know it it's lunchtime and a moment later i get to go home.  but they can also be so good that i can't stand to be torn from them for the 2 minute or less mis-dials, voicemails, and hang ups.  and don't even get me started on the 40 minute gab-fests.

today was one of those latter days.  Reading Julie and Julia my day ended up being at least 17 hours long. (then i come home to find out some disheartening news regarding my crafting, but that's a story for a different blog...which i never update anyway...)  but i can't wait to see the movie now, which i've always wanted to.  Hello?  Meryl Streep?  Stanley Tucci?  hell yeah.

I also have finally printed out The Pilot and i finished reading through it this morning early in the day (while i was still expecting to read Jack The Ripper and not exactly looking forward to it.  i was hoping for some fantasy speculative shadowing of the renowned serial killer, but instead it's all about a doctor buying and selling whores and then looking at other whores once they've been sliced up. yawn).  I am not at all impressed with that first draft of The Pilot now that i've gone through it.  there is almost nothing awesome about it, and for the most part i do tend to be at least a little awesome.

it does get a bit better following the point where i'd paused to write The Medium and then came back with full knowledge of where it should go.

i tried to write a list of things to change/add/modify but really all it says is "It Needs More Overall"

very insightful, wouldn't you say?

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Up Next

The Pilot.

since i've never even printed it out and i don't have a binder.  this means i've done nothing at all to it.  i've been talking about it, now and then, but never gotten to it.

it's time to get to it.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Reading and Writing

I've actually gotten a lot done since my last post.  i have read several books.  another Joyce Carol Oates, the newest Gunslinger related novel, and just today Sugar Queen by Sarah Addison Allen, a new favorite.  books full of magic and non-obnoxious romance.  she has three others (four, including the other one i've already read, Garden Spells) and i need them all.  tomorrow i got back to Jack The Ripper which is interesting and disgusting.

Also, i have done a thorough rerecompileagain of The Guide.  A new outline, a bunch of newish and revised stuff for the beginning section.  it was while i was rewriting the The Prophet that I realized that i needed the beginning of The Guide to be better; needed more information.  as it stood it seemed too much like i was just expecting people to know things.

I took The Medium to work today but it turns out there's really not a lot to do there, which is why i stopped working on it in the first place.  of course, i did stop like mid-sentence.  don't know what that's all about.  way to go, past Sara.  how am i supposed to finish a sentence i started months and months ago?

There's only so much i can do at work.  i need some serious time to sit down and type up what i have (or maybe i should use Dragon.  i wonder if it will work on my new laptop Sullivan better than it did on my old laptop Elenore... i wonder if i know where i put the install disc...) and also to edit things and shuffle the digital of what i've already shuffled in the hard copy.

Who has spare time in a jar?  i've got money, i'll pay for it.