Friday, March 5, 2010

Writing Prompt 5 Part 1

remember when i said that i would do writing prompts on wednesdays, every wednesday, and i would not fail?? i laugh at myself. this is what? the third one i've missed or done late??

Elenore having succumbed to a coma of indefinite length is no reason for me to have not written my writing prompt on wednesday, seeing as i obviously still have access to the internets. the actual excuse was the fact that i cleaned my craft room and then made a windchime instead, so it's not like i was being non productive.

so i decided i would do it today at work between calls and then post it up here tomorrow afternoon and i would once again be caught up. woot.

so i was scrolling through EWP looking for something good and i saw the list of words, which may be my favorite exercise, and i knew it was the right prompt.

Word Soup.
Use the following words in a poem or short story: literature, broken glass, cigarette, mascara, lighter fluid, lake, bridge, empty pop can, dish soap, pink

and how is that collection of words right there NOT a story about dear Petra and Jamie from the rewrite. So i'm excited about this prompt.

and speaking of the rewrite, i love being a gold member and watching my stories get hits in the stats section on Authors den. Both the first chapter of the rewrite and some of my other random sci-fi things are getting good hits. Chapter two of the rewrite has just been retyped on the other computer and i will have it posted over there in a few days. I am sorry that i lost Elenore because i had most of chapter 2 revised and i have to start over, but hey if i've done it once already it just makes it easier (Says the girl who is used to her laptop shutting down randomly mid sentence).

so come back tomorrow and hopefully i'll have a writing prompt for you (which will likely show up in the rewrite at some point).

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