Sunday, March 7, 2010

Chapter Two is up!!

chapter two is entitled Flight, and can be found here:

Here's a bit of it for fun:

“Wouldn’t it be cool to travel the road and play music for change?” Petra asked.

“Matt did it the summer after he graduated,” I said of my second oldest brother. I closed the suitcase and pulled out another. This case had a shocking burst of red lining inside the dark brown leather. “Only he doesn’t play an instrument. He washed dishes and did field work for money.”

“That would be fun too,” Petra said.

I shot her a confused frown and she grinned “I am just saying that it would be a way to make money and keep moving. We can cross the country and stop at every dance club we find.”

I smiled at her, but rolled my eyes.

“Come on! We already left home,” she said. “I’m buying enough clothing to get us through three nights of clubbing and there will be more stores in more cities. And Laundromats! All we need are a couple suitcases,” she nodded at the case still dangling from my fingers. “We’ll stop at a drugstore for shampoo and a toothbrush for me. And loads of make up… We’d be set.”

“Petra,” I warned.

“What could be more fun?” She begged.

“It would be dangerous.”

“For who? The chick with the combat experience of four older brothers? Or me, with daddy’s credit card?” she grinned. “If we get in trouble, we can get out of it. When we get tired, we go home.”

She crossed to where I was standing, still holding the case. She took it out of my hands and looked at it. “I like this one; it’s not really Buttercup’s style. This one,” she bent and pulled the blue-green one from the row. It was a dark cyan with a reptile pattern pressed into the surface. The buckles were a bit tarnished and one corner was scuffed. “This one is yours. What do you say?”


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