Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Some Stuff Done

Yesterday I sat down with my short story editing binder and the newest printout of the 3rd bed with every intention of editing it. I did a little work on it, mostly with my highlighter and arrows, moving stuff around.

And instead of continuing on with 3rd bed, I flipped through to the story called Elsinore Compound which is one of the apocalypse stories and edited that instead. Which was cool since i tried to before and just couldnt get very far into it. If i hadn't run out of ambition i probably would have also done the story about the Priscillas.

but i did something, and that's awesome.

Monday, May 16, 2011


today we're going to office max to get a new ink cartridge for the printer!! I am excited for this because i really want to print Third Bed and get to work on it but the printer is EMPTY! like printing the rebate thing for office max came out all light gray and barely readable...

I've been thinking about it and i'm really excited to work on it a little bit. i even have a page of notes and a post it filled with things i want to do with it. It mostly concerns with the begining in the lounge, probably because that is the place where everyone on Scribeophile told me it was pointless.

only they're dialog readers and they didn't realize the lounge is important because it is part of the construction of the story. if you take it out the whole mirror image effect to the first and second parts of the story totally dies.

but, i can make this part more interesting. I have all sorts of tips for myself.

Friday, May 6, 2011

A Task

I've thought of a way to work myself back up to it. I want to go back to my very first copy of Third Bed and redo my edit - with almost none of the suggestions from the Scribophile members.

I have really not been back since before nanowrimo but i only sort of want to go back. I feel like i got more critques on my STYLE rather than important suggestions on like story line, grammar, overall understandability. all they wanted was more dialog.

maybe some of them should read some Jane Austen, some Robin Hobb, Terry Brooks, even sometimes some Stephen King. books with huge paragraphs of delicious narration and dialog only when it needs to be there. that dialog thing really bugged me. i dont like it. i dont like writing it, i don't like transcribing it once its written. i dont like anything about it. i use it when i need it most.

I do want to put Shade and Shadow up on scribophile, even though i don't want to go back. but now that i know how people are i can ignore all their idiotic remarks and focus on the informative ones. But that's jumping ahead. first i must print my very first copy of Third Bed (I there must be a version of the original or as close to it as comfortable somewhere)... sit down with it and see what happens.

And i really do want to revisit those two characters. i hearted them very much.

Thursday, May 5, 2011


I'm dribbling back. I sit in my cube at work and wonder if it is even feasible to start over. Can I pick up the Prequel and begin again? Because I can do it better. Then just continue on, and redo the Monstrocity and... whether or not the later ones need to be rewritten is up in the air but once i get that far i can find out.

It's those first two that are like the gnarly loose teeth stories. And that cant be because they are the first ones. They are the foundation.

but i'm not thinking about it often enough yet, so i know i can't start yet.

I fear that i will never find the time now...