Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Writing Prompt 2

From Elite Writing Prompts from Dec 28th:

What character inspires you?
There are a lot of writers depicted in TV series such as Jenny from The L Word and Hank Moody from Californication. From the TV series or movies you have watched, which character is most like you? Which one do you look forward to watching?

My first thought was undeniable. Lorelei Gilmore. Even though I have seen them all a million times, Gilmore Girls is still the reason I get up at 10 in the morning when I could easily sleep until 11 or 12. On the occasions that I do sleep late and the first time I look at the clock it is 10:30 or 10:40 I’m hoping that the TV was left on channel 49 (the only channel I know for sure, by the way) so that I can use the DVR to rewind. It’s not. It’s always on cartoon network. Stupid cartoons!

But I do not think I am Lorelei, I do not have that kind of wit… or at least not vocal wit. I believe that my dearest Auntie Mommy is more along the lines of dear Lorelei, right down to the uncanny ability to control the snow. My auntie mommy inspires me the same way Gilmore girls does. And I feel that I have always been able to play off her wit and humor until we make other people pee with laughter and jealous of our banter.

Banter is what Miss Gilmore inspires in me. To write the banter between my characters that is both funny and informative and draws the reader in. Mine is not nearly so elaborate, or so long and breathless, but I like to be able to show the reader that the characters know each other better than we do, and it makes us want to have those bantery, inside joke moments with them.

It was David Eddings’ Belgariad and Mallorean that showed me the importance of the banter between characters, though. Science fiction and fantasy can at times be so very dry and mechanical. I loved the sarcasm and wit of all the character’s around Belgarion, the way Belgarath fell asleep in his saddle and how Pol’s uncle would make fun of her fat ass. It makes the characters more humans and less just characters.

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  1. love it! and we definitely had a banter-ish weekend, just past. :)

    i've been reading a lot of "read to write" stuff, and the latest that i read on this it was very specifically discussing very well-known writers and what they learned and/or unlearned from reading other writers when it came to dialogue and much other.