Tuesday, February 2, 2010


The end of a revision, or a first draft, or a second draft is official Writing Brain Off time. I don't have a single thought about the thing I've just been working on so hard, for so long. Between calls, and during lulls in calls at work I'm not plotting and scheming. Instead I'm not having a single thought. Its refreshing and relaxing, but it also leaves me a little aimless and forlorn.

Without those characters who entertain me, and I entertain in return I feel dumb and sloppy and useless. I can't wait for the stewing simmering time to be over, but I certianly can't jump in prematurely.

But there is a character who's been popping up in the corners of the crowd that rustles around in my brain. I see him shaking hands like an old friend with Dartia, with a slap on the shoulder and a loud laugh. The rest of him is hiding the shadows, I don't yet know his name but he'll introduce himself to me eventually. So it's a little thing to consider from time to time in the Marinading phase, but i can't push him either or he'll just wander off and forget me.

I don't write characters. I convince them to come into my brain for a visit and never let them out (Evil Laughter)...

anyhow, i'm gonna go play my video game, cuz that's sort of like writing a story, only easier. Gonna get in Morrigan's pant... uh... er, rags...?

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