Friday, February 12, 2010

This is NOT writing prompt 3

The writing prompt I chose for this week is thus:

Coffee Maker
Write a scene in which the coffee maker is the protagonist.

From Elite Writing Prompts (the title is a link to the blog, if you couldnt tell :P) I'm not sure how far back.

The day before I chose this prompt I had been in the kitchen making shredded beef and mashed potatoes (real, not from a box) and a cake (because I had time to spare between the potatoes and the gravy) and I was brain writing one of the original thoughts I had for my Nanowrimo 2009 story. Be Long went a far different direction so I veered back around for my own amusement to see what I could do about it.

When I saw this prompt I thought, "Yeah, that would be fun!" thinking of all the coffee related stories I already have in my life. I heart coffee so very much....

Anyhow, I thought about the coffee prompt a little more and then I went "yeah, ok, I can introduce that world and those characters from last night from the coffee pot's point of view." It makes me laugh because the prompt sort of become a self serving thing where I could go over a completely different story. But at the same time the Prompts are self serving in themselves so what the hell am I even talking about!?

So it ended up being quite long and it is, at the moment, all hand written and the worstest part about writing is transcribing. I'm working on it, but it'll take some time because I am already thinking about all the distractions possible to get me away from this stinking laptop! Also, when something is this long (about 13 handwritten pages, which isn't really long at all by my standards. 18-28 handwritten pages is what I use to gauge one chapter length...) ... uh what was I saying before I parenthasized...? oh yeah, when something is this long I like to be able to look over it once or twice before I fling it out upon the world.

And since I just bought a Gold membership at Authors Den I am going to post it there. My first post as a Gold Member. Maybe tomorrow, maybe the next day. Look for the link and be very excited for the coffee pot story. It will be unputdownable! (again typed with my eyes closed)


  1. record it and transcribe it. or record it and i'll transcribe it! :0 i have some handwritten stuff that i'm going to read and then transcribe in an old writing box. it's so much faster than transcribing off the page. we should get you a footpedal and i'll show you a transcribe/record program, next time we get together! :)

  2. dude, i know how to use a footpedal. i'm a footpedal master... well at least for pause. i dont rewind or anything fancy like that :D