Sunday, February 21, 2010


Today I did write "The End-ish" at the end of the spaceship story. Finally. It is as wonderful as I knew it would be, but also filled with the deep empty sadness of finishing, before the imagination void can be filled with the next project.

I am not complete unless I am making something I believe.

The next thing I have great desire to make is a Dark Tower wind chime. I peed myself with excitement with the very idea of it and it all came together so quickly that it was sort of startling and i could very much make it RIGHT NOW if only i had all the pieces.

but THIS is not my craft blog!

I spent two days of work revising my revisions of the prequel and doing addition writes and rewrites. Next is the process of attacking the first few chapters. I believe one day this week will be a coffee and writing day and that excites me.

as much as the hand spun crocheted wristers for the auntie mommy that i'm dreaming about

but dammit. not the crafty blog!!

And now, for the thing that made me happy today. I watched this silly gymnastic movie ONLY because jeff bridges was in it (I swear, you can't prove anything different) but this was the best part.

wei wei on the balance beam might be my new favorite thing in the world. and i had to then add that song on my lala and the hilarity got me through my day.

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