Wednesday, February 3, 2010

2 Quick Things

First - the unknown, unmet character who's rattling around my mind has a little more to him. I realized when I was driving around the city Getting Stuff Done that he's Ryan Dole. You, dear reader (all one of you so far) has no idea who Ryan Dole is, but this character, whoever and whatever he turns out to be has his roots planted deeply in my real life rambunctious friend. Knowing this, the character can grow.

Second - The break from The Prequel is looking to be longer than I had anticipated. My Writing Brain is slowly reactivating itself but the story that's being acted out for me is infact The Spaceship Story, which makes sense because it's been over a year since I started that one and the first draft still isn't finished. I got to a point where I didn't know exactly what happened next and it took me writing my 2009 Nanowrimo story (working title is actually the only quasi serious one - Be Long Off World, there is a poem of the same name written in preperation for the story here: ) to actually figure out what happened next. I love that all my stories have been written at the same time and they build off of each other. Makes the whole writing in a serial format so much more worthwhile.

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  1. I find long breaks in writing to be a massive pain! Whenever I've had a break, which is normally no longer than three to four months, I have to spend a good few days reading EVERYTHING that I have written to catch up. Then half the time I can't remember where I was going with a particular idea, so I'll remove it knowing that the idea will only return when my mind knows that I have deleted my work on it. Then sure enough, in strolls the idea and I have to write lots again. One of those things I guess!