Monday, February 22, 2010

Revising Sucks

... totally, completely sucks.

it's not writing. it's lame-o correcting.

here i sit at the coffee place with my au lait that tastes kinda like a cafe miel. and i have music and the screaming kids aren't even bothering me. all filled with super bright creative energy and ready to work.

but yesterday, oh yesterday, i started the fourth one. and it was shiny. because starting new stuff is fun.

but now i'm stuck here revising... blech...

My plan originally was for the sequel to take it one chapter at a time in the revisions. I realized that was idiocy when I saw how much more needed to be done to the whole story. So then i delayed my plan to take it a chapter at a time until i had a primary revision to work with and a clearer understanding of everything i wanted to say. Then, i would begin to take it a chapter at a time, and then i would be able to start posting the chapters on authors den which is the whole point in this venture from the very beginning and the reason i got myself gold membership.

but now looking at the first 4-ish chapters i realize i'm going to have to delay again. (a quote comes to me: "I can't afford any more delays and you're one of those fish that causes delays. Sometimes it's a good thing. There's a whole group of fish . They're delay fish.") The whole beginning is in the wrong order because I didnt know before how i wanted to present the start of everything. because the beginning is what leads to the middle, and the end comes after that, and thats where i want people to stop reading...

now i have a Plan for the first 3 chapters, plus the Unknown Chapter i wrote during revisions and have to break down and slip into the right places.

revising sucks, and this here coffee isn't exactly taking care of everything like it should...

...sigh... back to it i go...

Addition 4:17pm

i got no more than 2 pages done. haha. awesome.

then i found more ways to procrastinate, went shopping and got stuff for the dark tower wind chime. came home and wrote a crafty blog about it.!!

and now i'm going to go clean my craft room. screw writing!!

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