Monday, February 15, 2010

A Method

So the Prequel is still on the back burner, still simmering and all of the et cetera. I have returned full force to the Spaceship story. At first I was having some problems getting back into it. I stopped originally when I reached the climax of the story and had NO idea who had done all the bad things to my crew.

My Nano2009 was not only a story that was part of the larger whole, but the characters were in a situation that exactly matched the characters of Spaceship. Well, not exactly but they had a common villian between them and it was the Nano story that I developed and learned about the antagonist (they're sort of like vampire aliens... sucking chemicals out of the bodies of captives. what fun!) from the point of view of someone who actually survived it.

So I go back to the Spaceship story with a full knowledge of how to resolve everything to the ending I already knew. It's easy enough once you get going. The past two days at work I have done 2 chapters and I probably have 2 to go. It's been really fun because I have been also tying up some of the endings that don't directly coincide with the main plot. Every word I write, I know, is bringing me closer to my final 2 words. "The End-ish" But at the same time that I am making these knots of completion I am forming the first threads of the stories to follow.

The thought of finishing it and beginning on the next - the one I refer to as The Sequel (but now chronologically has become the 5th... my goodness I am demented) is the greatest thing. Because after the Sequel comes The Fourth One (again misnumbered... i'm really cracking myself up right now, please excuse me) in which I have only a single little play of words between a brother and sister laid out to develop the story around.

And after the Fourth One?? I can't say for sure. I don't actually think I will run out of ideas before I get that far because each idea I create opens up the doors to 6 more.

Keep at it, (all of it) there is a crazy method to all the madness.

I believe I have, after all these years of writing chaotically and with no direction, found my path through the madness.

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