Thursday, March 29, 2012


Today i wrote a record breaking 16 pages. That is most likely because i have come to the point labeled in my outline as "The Plot Thickens" and when a plot gets thicker there's more to say and the storytelling is even more fun. And i feel i am spreading information more evenly around the story. that's one of the problems i think i had the first time around; wanting to tell everything RIGHT NOW! but i don't have to do that. and i've found a balanced way to proceed.

In other news i have finally finished Joyce Carol Oates' We Were the Mulvaneys and i loved it. i'd been inching along the last end bit for days and i finally stopped writing, after 16 crazy pages, and finished my damn book. And i got to the end and read the last words which were, of course, the cadence, the chorus of the book "...when we were the Mulvaneys." and my heart did a nauseous left-handed jump and i felt the tears in my throat.

i need another JoyceCO book. like now.

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