Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Pile O Books

After I finished We Were the Mulvaneys i really didn't have much to read. there's another Joyce Carol Oates book that is an anthology for writers; full of short stories that are on her reading list at Princeton - Telling Stories. But i'm no good with short stories. When i settle down to read i intend to read for hours. i want a book that will eat me up and that i can devour in return. i don't like to start over every few minutes. I have actually managed to read some of the stories told on breaks and things at work since i've been writing so much while actually in my cube.

Anyhow, i went on Amazon and ordered The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest, Dexter in the Dark, and another of Joyce's books that i chose at random, The Gravediggers Daughter: A Novel (PS).

But that really didn't help me with the problem that i have no books to read until they arrive. so yesterday, after getting to a good stopping point in my writing rather early in the day i ran over to Half Price Books and scoured the clearance section. I got Water For Elephants and The Lovely Bones both of which i've wanted to read because i want to see the movies. My cousin told me to see Water For Elephants, but i recently found out that Stanley Tucci is in The Lovely Bones and boy do i ever love him. I also managed to find a tall paperback version of Wicked which is awesome because i have the mass market paperback of that one but the rest of the series is the tall one. now they're all the same!

So, for the next, what? maybe three weeks i'm set on things to read. and i'm so excited to read them all that i don't even know where to start. except that i started with The Lovely Bones for no particular reason. and laundry day is coming up and that's 20 and then 40 minutes of uninterrupted reading. Though really, i should finish Anna Karenina already...

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