Saturday, March 24, 2012

Distractions and Puke

I got distracted from the post i wanted to write last night by Facebook insanity and horrifying a non-mother with stories of puke and poo that mothers laugh in the face of. Ha Ha.

I've been averaging about 10 pages a day on the third rewrite of the monstroscity (TWM, i guess). that's good considering how many dumb ass old people are using the phones these days. learn to dial a phone already, i'm sick of saying "your call cannot be completed as dialed..." and listening to those tones. we-ooh we-ooh we-ooh.

and the story itself is cracking me up. I brought in Loki's brothers who were not mentioned in it the first time around and were basically only in the prequel. but they're so important as family and Anka's need to protect them that why not bring them in? they're hilarious. i love them so much.

And right now what i'm basically doing is that reminder stuff. going over the things you may have forgotten since reading the first and catching you up on what's happened in the interim. it's one of the things i hate the most becuase i tend to read a series of books back to back; i don't need ot be reminded. so it must be done, but i'm doing it as non-obnoxiously and un-repetatively as possible.

maybe today, maybe the start of next week i'll get into the plot of the monstroscity. i'm not hurrying though. remember? i'm trying to do it perfect the first time around... third time. whatever.

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