Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Every Woman With a Six Month Old Cuts Her Hair

but i wonder, does every woman with a six month old and two jobs besides have this much energy and ambition for the writing (or other such crafty, personal pursuits)? maybe even more so than before there was the thought of a six or any other month old to factor into things...?

i wanna build a string timeline. Vincent built one in A Novel Idea (nano from 2011) but he did his out of some sort of desperation to change a story that was horrible and turned down by publishers over and over into something that they may like. i'm not so desperate to have publishers like my work, but the only timeline i have is skewed and wrong because it was done back in '07 when characters like Nesris, Solomon, Vietta and Dartia never existed. where do they fit in? things were happening all at once in some points and i'd love to see the visual that goes with that.

plus a string timeline could include political and bigger changes, not just the character events. not only will it be fun to make, but it's also less permanent. i make a mistake? i unclip and retie and boom, timeline's fixed. my old one is covered in scribbles and i can hardly read it.

everything i write is covered in scribbles and i can hardly read it.

makes me think of this: http://skylarkarts.com/2010/11/26/jane-austen%E2%80%99s-novels-were-written-by-a-man/

there's one article with the actual images of her work but i'm too lazy to find it right now and i'm supposed to be working... i looked at them and they're messy and crazy, but i find myself not sure how much i believe about what someone else had to do. because where are the second drafts?

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