Thursday, March 8, 2012


how i love thee.

i read something, somewhere about as a writer using pinterest as a place to garner interest in stories. most of their suggestions for doing so were stupid, so i didn't. and then i saw this image of a woman wearing sparkly leggings and boots and big clunky socks or leg warmers. i knew they were Jo's legs (though much skinnier!) so i started a pinterest board with images from stories. All the images say what i see and in what story they appear, and i'm sticking to my chosen names. have i put them all down in one place yet?

The Guide
The Prophet
The Medium
The Pilot
The Child

I'm not positive of the order because the medium and the pilot are pretty interchangeable. but whatever, it doesn't matter yet. they're pretty there where they are.

anyway, here's the pinterest board which also includes Petra from an unrelated (though subtly connected but you'll never notice it) story that i call Running Parallel and mention from time to time.

also, there's a button over there on the right side so you can follow me if you like. i'll probably follow you back.

and how about the makeover? pretty cool, right. i was thinking about it all day at work and it's the first thing i did when i got home.

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