Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Moving Side to Side

Because, as i've said, the story is over and there is no forward. there is only side to side within the confines of what's been written.

the third rewrite of the monstroscity is moving slowly. the prologue took forever... even though it's only like four pages long. In the past two days i've done a bit more and more quickly at that. I'm trying to do it perfectly first time around. there's already lots of edits and notes in the sides. there's post it's all over the timeline so i remember to put things in that i dream up that is fantastic.

and once again, i'm wishing there was a machine i could hook up to my brain and it would read it all out of my head and i wouldn't have to do all the work of writing it down.

and since i've already written this thing twice before it becomes even more true. But there's also something new and exciting about it. because i know everything. because there is only side to side. because i know more motives. because i know the end that they are moving towards.

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