Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Nanowrimo: Day 30

Done. Bing. knew i could do it, thought i wouldnt be able to though. how long will it be before i come back to it? who knows. it needs stew time, lots of it. maybe forever because its odd and i don't know what i'll do with it, but i'm sure there's some good in there among the bad.

and as promised - the tally of stuff that went on!!!

final word count - 50,026
brand new bic pens completely depleted of ink - 2
cups of iced coffee - 7
gallons of Diet Coke - a million
bags of pretzles - 3
sheets of paper written on - 151
typed pages - 118
highest word count - 3,392 on the 12th
lowest word count - 802 on the 3rd
days played Red Dead Redemption instead of writing - 4
total chapters - 32
plot related epiphanies - 3
dropped story threads - 5
unfortunate events completed - 9.5
blog entries - 19
restarts - 1
pages of notes written - 6
topics that i probably repeated in conversation too many times just for the word count - 3
characters/cities given names with multiple parts just for the added word count - 4

big sigh of relief. we're back to normal life after this, or as normal as it gets. tonight as a celebration i will have sweet potato quesadillas with my favorite cousin and start to panic about christmas just around the corner.

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