Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Nano: Day 3

i did not write at all yesterday. i thought about it, but i simply ran out of time. i wrote this morning though. went to the coffee place and did about 4 pages. nothing much really happened but i notice already that i am doing a good job of moving things along quickly, since my goal is to make the story be finished at the 50 thousand word mark. and since i am modeling it almost after a childrens story - though i may already be making it a little to heavy for actual young readers - i don't want to spend too much time laying out really complex crap in the beginning.

i have to go off and do stuff around the house. clean up the craft room i just rearranged, play some video game - though i shouldn't i should be writing more because i'm 800 words behind and the Nano site has all these new stats to tell you just how bad you're sucking it up. score.

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