Monday, December 6, 2010

Nanowrimo: The Wrap-up

It has been nearly a week since november ended. I haven't thought about Dax or Darbin or Martella or any of those fools. Pretty much as soon as I pulled up my word count last wednesday and saw that I had passed the 50k mark haven't thought about them.

So, instead of writing I knitted all week at work and that made the time fly. Not fast enough. I took many hours off. I hate my job.

For the past few months i've been thinking more and more about the Nano story from 2009. Even though I'm supposed to be thinking about the Prequel and writing all these damned stories in order, but I suppose I really don't have to. I have to go check to see if the thing is completely typed up (Because i know the spaceship story certianly isn't) and then maybe i print it out and then take it to work and read it and edit it and put in the little things i've come up with to make the story better.

And when I get sick of it I'll move on to the next story. and sometime in the far flung future I will finish the entire ridiculous thing... I just have to do it one piece oat a time.

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