Sunday, November 21, 2010

Nanowrimo: Day 21

i realized yesterday when i got to work that the day before, the wonderous day of 1500 words, i had finished the day midsentence. that's pretty funny. i remember i had even left the notebook open next to me most of the night in case i thought of anything else i wanted to write, but i couldn't even finish that sentence.

yesterday i did 2600 words and they all came pretty easily and i forsee the same for today. the next section of the story is coming pretty quickly and the end is approaching almost as fast as the end of november (i'm trying not to panic about the fact that after november is december and i have not done any christmas shopping. at all.) but that means that my goal to have the story end at 50k words, rather than run on and on after the goal may be a realistic one.

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