Monday, November 8, 2010

Nanowrimo: Day 8

i should really stop being so hard on myself, and the nano site, because my numbers are skewed. since i input the words the day after i write them, i am actually a day behind. of course, being a day behind is still bad.

i didn't write this morning like i thought i would cuz the boyfriend's phone started ringing and he got up and ruined my morning. bogus.

but i have never had to work this hard for a story before. the past two years i have been crazy excited and crazy successfull at getting the words down. This year i have had to force just about every inch of the story and i have been utterly fruitless - a word here which means 'i'm totally sucking it up'*

but today is date day, so i'm not going to think about it much mroe, and will think harder about it tomorrow when i have the day to myself to get stuff done.

*have been totally reengrossed into A Series of Unfortunate Events to keep my brain kid-friendly and i really do love lemony snicket.

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