Saturday, January 30, 2010

Just, just!

My hatred for the word has extended into the Prequel.

I have used it while I write, but every time I see it in revisions I cross it out.

There will be only minimal use of the word 'just' in my novel.

"The wolves came in close to snap at their heels, their teeth only a breath away, their snarls just this side of friendly."

Only where it belongs. Only how it's supposed to used...

Please excuse my crankiness - I'm a bit frustrated in the book I finished yesterday. Officially the worst I've ever read. Its a Cochlear Implant, not a Colloquial Implant, but that isn't even the worst of the awfulness of that book...

If that book can get published I believe I should have no problem doing the same with mine.


  1. oh my aching ass! colloquial versus cochlear??!?!?!? ... that book needs to go on the shelf next to that awful paperback that i kept the one where the guy used the word breath, breathe, breathed 9-KATRILLION-JILLION times JUST to make a point! go to yahoo and type in "colloquial implant" in quotes and see the stupid stuff that comes up. it will just make you laugh and laugh until you just can't breathe or take a breath any longer!

  2. i googled colloquial implant with the quotes and there were 24 instances of it being used in the incorrect manner.

    people are stupid