Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Evil Chapter Eleven

Today i reached chapter 11 in my revisions and i despaired.

Chapter 11 was the chapter that was the most difficult to write. It was torture to later type it up. The first revision/creating-the-outline step was horridly sloggy. I even looked back at my 'outline' which is really just a quick summary of each chapter so i know where stuff happens. I also used it to write down errors or ideas i had at that moment and most chapters are the front and back of one page.

chapter 11 had 5 notations, all about how this point was clumsy or another was vauge. Compared to chapter 11 of the Spaceship Story which I was so excited to write i barreled through 8-10 just to get to it (i'll get a link later) this is rather unsatisfying.

Chapter 11 is sort of the turning point and quite possibly the most important chapter. It is the final revelation of the main character's deepest secret and it is also her lowest point, where succumbs to her greatest betrayal. its the stuff that has to happen in all stories and i have come to terms with being a terrible and spiteful god at times.

so today was slow going as i set to work. this is page 3 of chapter 11. i worked so diligently on it from top to bottom that when i finally raised my eyes to see all i had done i was shocked by what had been added. I fear i will not be able to make any of this out when I return in a few weeks to enact these revisions in my computer copy.

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  1. i love that i say 'a few weeks' but as of 9 months later i have still not reached chapter 11.