Friday, January 22, 2010

The First Post

I'm starting this little bloggy spot so I can have a place to vent over and study my own adventure into the next stages of writing my (second... but we'll talk about that later) sci-fi novel.

As of right now it is in First Draft format, typed up on my computer. Several of the chapters have been printed and revisions have begun. It was when I opened my binder yesterday and saw all the post-its - SO MANY post-its!!! - that I realized I was going to need a place to destress and write about something else from time to time to keep this thing from consuming me. I'm no good at writing in my crafty blog unless I do a custom order that I really like, so since the story is all I can think about, even when I want to take a break from the story, I will still be writing about the story... how's that for brilliant?

And on the topic of Post-its... yesterday I was paging through the old chapters that have already been revised and i opened to a page that was highlighted randomly in blue (i recognized the highlights as Important Topics that must make it into final, but i had not felt like rewriting the whole thing at that moment). On top of the writing was a pink post-it with words written with the blue highlighter (so i know they go together. i'm quite color coordinated in my binder if not in my clothing). All it said was "This needs to be more interesting"

really? Thanks for the constructive criticism Past Sara. Thank you oh so very much! there were no notes on what parts should be more interesting, or any tips or ideas. just the command to make it more interesting...

Well I mentioned before that this is the 'second' novel but I always say it with quotes. There is a 'completed' story which I refer to as the Nameless Monstrocity (and i will continue to refer to all my stories in their working titles which are usually ridiculous). I put this story on a drive and gave it to my dad for his birthday because I wanted him to be the first to read the thing I'd literally been thinking about and working on since 7th grade when my characters were born.

And then I started thinking about it and I realized I'd written the wrong story first. Just like me between 7th grade and now, the story had gotten bigger than I realized and I felt I had missed a lot that was important. I told my dad to stop reading (he can't read the second one first now can he??) and I began to write The Prequel. It is this that I am working on now. It is this that I will focus on, at least for the beginning of this bloggy adventure. I am sure breaks will come where I go to work on The Spaceship Story, or one of my National Novel Writing Month novels (Winner past two years. Woot) and you can be introduced the the rest of the crazy universe I created to hold all my brain plays.


  1. the part that made me laugh out loud was when you were pissed at your own post-it note and wanted to shake yourself and be all like, "a little more information, please?!?!?!?!" welcome to bloggy, blog, blogger-dom!

  2. that was my favorite part too cuz i got to reference my new favorite tv show: how i met your mother.

    marshall decides that the fight over who should keep the apartment when marshall and lili get married should be taken care of by Future Marshall and Future Ted.

    later when ted realizes he's forgotten something he shouts "Dammit Past Ted!!"

    matt yells at me when i do it in real life.