Monday, January 25, 2010

Got Some Things Added

I added some links and whatnot so the blog ain't so boring, plus i have a great idea for a banner thing with the blog title!! i love great ideas.

I really wore myself out this week at work with all the revising. If I thought I had added a lot to Chapter 11, 12 went even further. Most of the white space of each page was filled with illegible little scribles and most of the white backs of pages were full as well. I'm proud that I have begun to turn the hardest parts of the story into something worthwile.

Revision of my Scribbled-quickly-between-calls-at-work writing is more or less finding the good and tearing it out if the grips of the bad that cling to it so desperately. And I find the best of the bad and of the good and it cheers or amuses me as the case may be.

Like this sentence I found on my first revision of my typed draft:

"Beside you warnings on saftey, mine are nothing at all."

While i get the gist of what is being said, I cannot for the life of me turn any of those words into a useful, comprehensible sentence. A friend said it sounded like instructions out of China. I can't say I disagree...

And then there's the times that you pause and reread something over and over, completely astounded that such a thing could come from you.

"The last night spent together they ran further than they had in a long time. They returned home long after they'd left, closer to dawn than believable. The boy found their Common forms, and then their clothing and their beds. The morning birds sang them to sleep."

I see that it still has it's little bristles of rough patches, but I could SEE it. actually see the shadows heading for their beds... I left the little paragraph unchanged in my editing binder because that is one piece that is going to need some precision editing and not quick-between-call-scribbles that are my forte.

There is a blog I have known about for many moons that I have never used. Its called Elite Writing Prompts and it was shown to me by someone in the Etsy community. From now on I will be doing at least one prompt a week. Wednesdays are my days to clean the house so i can wander about brain-writing and take short little breaks to finger write my response to the prompt. So wednesday will be my day for forgetting The Prequel and exercising the rest of my writing spirit. Of course I may choose a prompt from any day during the week rather than just sticking to wednesday's prompt, I am comfortable with that level of cheating...

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