Friday, January 29, 2010

Its Legos

So it seems that Chapter 11 really was a turning point because everything after it has had uber upgrades and corrections.

yesterday i got to chapter 16 which i think is second or third from the last and my goodness is it bare!! But i realize what was going on. On the last few chapters I was hurrying up to finish because I was coming up on November and I didnt give a shit about anything but Nanowrimo. I just had to get the rest of the story on the page, but since I was writing the last useless bits of a story that i already knew by heart and knew i would remember later, these chapters are almost nothing but outlines!!

I realized that revision on a novel like this is crazy. The environment surrounding me and the way i am forced to write in snippets makes me scratch out mostly stream of consiousness paragraphs. At the end i'm sitting there looking at this huge mess that must be taken apart and put back together in the correct order.

Its not a puzzle, because all the pieces fit with all of the rest of them. It's more like legos. Only thing is I didn't have any intructions, so the kit that was supposed to make a spaceship intead looks like a castle.

and i'm telling you, a castle is not what i meant to build.

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  1. After reading this post I felt compelled to comment! I am currently writing a book myself (and have been for many, many years), and the bit about the 'stream of consciousness' made me smile; I end up with the same thing whatever I write. I actually finished the 'mess' last year and am working towards putting it into some sort of logical order rather then just blurgh-on-a-page. But trawling through thousands of words at the end of a working day is less than desirable when all my brain wants to do is go to sleep! I wish you the best of look with your book and hope you have better luck than I've had when it comes to transposing your work!