Monday, April 12, 2010

Wahoo, Chapter Two!!

It took most of the day of half writing and half watching tv while i waited on the frantic-writing cramp to fade and coming up with the next paragraph.

i had to stop at one point to draw two pictures. wanna see them? they're of the bad guys. not really bad guys. The Foxen is the god in Eillim's religion and Svanir is the god of Enna's. I couldn't see them right in my head to describe them so i needed to actually see them.

now, the foxen is missing a hand, and svanir is a little more dowdy than whispy and invisible, but a whispy and invisible thing is pretty easy to describe. they're whispy and invisible. it's mostly the tail of her's that i'm concerned with. Also, he's bigger than her. he's totally huge.

ALSO. i love matt's wacom tablet: which allowed me to draw these babies up in my sketchy crazy way, but still erase the crap i screw up, totally unavalable when i'm scratching shit out on paper with my black pen.

i love drawing in black bic pen...

tomorrow, if i feel like writing, i will be heading into chapter 3. Enna and Eillim will be heading into the actual fight to save themselves and each other. it's gonna be fun.

**UPDATE** 4/12 9:02ish pm

i just went out to get some stuff for the craft fair this weekend (!!!) and i was planning ahead to chapter three, which will be the first one with the mirroring each character's view that i talked about in the beginning.

i want to send their gods with the girls into their trials, etc, but i'm suddenly wondering if i shouldn't send eillim's god with enna and vice versa. They are both afraid/discomforted by the opposing god on a very basic, intuitive basis, but since they are sisters they also accept that other diety as truth...

i'm wondering if it'd be more interesting to have them traveling with the opposite god instead... anyone who reads this give me an opinion, for serious...

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