Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hello, Prequel. I have missed you...

went to the coffee shop today and had my Au Lait and listened to some nice classical music and worked on editing chapter two of the prequel. I only got about halfway through because i did a lot of deleting and rewriting now that i sort of know that this isn't actually chapter two anymore. i could take some things out that we'll already know. Plus i had a bunch of my vauge post-its saying 'be more interesting' or 'change this to match such-and-such'. whatever. it was good. i got stuff done.

Plus i got a new book off the book exchange shelf. i left behind my second copy of Tale of Two Cities and Vol 1 of the Glass Books of the Dream Eaters and took Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee. yum.

I have also been thinking a big about the Nameless Monstrocity and I think that soon i won't be able to call it that anymore. I already have 2 pages of notes i've put down of things to remove, or change now that i have the prequel backer. the monstrocity is getting smaller even as the prequel grows. pefecto.

Now i'm going to start watching Lost over from the beginning as i work on my friend's dvd cases. wee!

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