Friday, April 2, 2010

holy freaking epiphany!

today i had two gigantic epiphanies regarding the prequel and the nameless monstrocity. one right after the other.

they were so big they nearly hurt when they popped out of my brain. i wrote them both down on a post it and then stuck that post it... somewhere... i can't find it now but it doesnt matter. just the action of writing it down has placed it into my brain and the story has adapted around these new bits already.

they were actually nothing groundbreaking, there was also a fair amount of 'oh, duh' mixed in with them where i should have seen that nice little strand that needed to be tied to this other little strand that's been hanging loose for some time.

it may have been the 'oh, duh' that hurt worse than the size of the ephiphanies, but whatever.

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