Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Study...

i've decided to start work on the study of shade and shadow. It bothered me all day yesterday. not bothered exactly, but i could feel it growing.

It will be my longest short story. I think it will take about 4 chapters, maybe 5. I know that i will need one chapter for what character setup i need to do for Enna and Eillim, the planet they're living on and a little about their family life, since that was never much mentioned in chapter eleven. they are going to be young enough that their parents are still around so i have to figure out things about them as well.

i want to do the next chapters in half and half (and what i'm figuring are going to be kind of confusing) views of the two sisters. I am not sure if this trial they are going to have to go through is going to take me 2 or 3 chapters to get through, but i already know the how and the why. Now i just have to come up with some evil creatures and their fun trials and tests that will put the girls up against themselves and each other.

I know how it ends, that was the second little image i had of the story, but i'm not sure if i need a final chapter after it to grow them up a little further toward what we know of them as their later 'ageless' selves in the spaceship story. that all depends on what i see at the end when i get there.

look at me, with a plan, and an outline too!! i don't yet have a deadline (That's a concept i don't grasp well and have trouble enforcing on myself) but i do have a title.


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