Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The New Chapter Tew

The New Chapter Tew (man i crack myself up) is the name of the inbetween One and Two and it combines chapters unthought, forgotten, unknown, and stolen. At this point it is roughly the length of two chapters but there are three spots where things need to be written and filled into. plus there's the matter of the whole thing is lacking in transitions between one little story and the next and some stuff might be a little out of order since they were all independant works with no real knowledge of where it was going to go so no knowledge of whats known and what wasnt...

i'm sort of excited. there are three big parts that need to be written and that means i get to WRITE AT WORK which might be one of my favorite past times and i think that even if i was a huge famous writer who didn't have to have a stupid telephone job i might still work at the stupid telephone place just so i could have that very interesting structure of unstructured writing that allows me to be all adhd all over the place and still get a ton of shit done.

So i'm gonna write those three parts up and then i'm going to print the whole what will probably be more like 3 chapters long thing out and then edit it and then we can move onto the old chapter two. but after all that i will, could, might go and work on the Shade and Shadow cuz as i said i want it on AD first and i still have crazy excitement over everyone reading it and did i tell you i was reading the bible about Jacob and Esau because they're opposing twins and i thought it could be relevant AND that my favoritest cousin of all time is their mother and in the story as well (in a way, there's this whole 2 sides of a doorway thing which is all old insidey joke shit from the Bekah and Sara days...)

now i'm going to go down to the lake and go for a walk. then home and i'm going to try to get my butt in gear and list some of the stuff i made for the art fair on Etsy so it's not just sitting around being useless and it's actually on its way to being sold.

Aaaaaand... breathe...

what the hell is with all the run-on sentences?? it must be all the coffee... mmmm... coffee...

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  1. this made me laugh with happiness, and i especially like how you would still work you "day job" because you write better there.