Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Yellow Notebook

I'm reaching the end of the yellow notebook that contains the rewrite of The Prophet.  it's gonna be one of those good transitions... moving into the next notebook just as the third and final section begins.

Of course, having filled a five subject and being on the verge of cracking open another notebook, at least two sections of a three subject... well, that makes me worry about the other stories.  they are not nearly that long...

does it matter?

i don't know.

I'm not doing nano this year.  or rather, i think i'm gonna do national novel finish what you have month.  nanofiwyoha.  heehee...

so maybe i'll keep blogging.  perhaps my goal can be to finish rewriting.  it's not the same thing but it's still setting a goal.

goals are good.

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