Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Things, Things, Things

Let's see.  To start, it's the 14th day of Nanowrimo and I've only thought of it once or twice and never with regret.

I've been working hard on The Prophet.  I got to another stopping point and i'm dying to dive back in but i know it's not time yet.

I tried to also force myself to find a third story in between Shade and Shadow and Letters, but i think it doesn't have to be there.  i think the uncumbersomeness of the whole thing is better than weighing them down with what would just be something that is expressed i think well in Letters.

i printed out a copy of it for my grandparents.  extra large print so grandpa doesn't have trouble reading it.  he mentioned he might feel up to start reading his books again, after his long bout of eye pain, and i figure i can give him something a little shorter to read too.

i should probably send it to my dad too. i can't remember if he read the first one now... he must have.

anyhow.  I've also figured out some mroe little nitpicky things within the Guide/Prophet connections and i've also been thinking a little bit about how to maybe work a bit of Daniel's pre-prophet years among the stories on the space ship.

She is the sword, he is the crown.  i must remember this.

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