Saturday, August 7, 2010

you know what's coming up?

National Novel Writing Month. i know that its really 3 months away but i'm going on vacation in a little over one month and by the time i get back it will be nearly october and october, with all of its cool weather and pretty colors goes by so quickly. and then it will be november and then i will be expected to write 50 thousand words even though i haven't yet finished any of the novely things i have begun.

but if i won 2 years in a row, why oh why would i not try again for a third year?

so i've been pondering on it, but only a bit. i knew i should probably write something NOT AT ALL connected to the crazy storyness i have going on right now. it will make my life easier and saner. if i want to connect it later, so be it, but for now it will not occur in my existing universe.

and today i sort of came up with 2 scenes that will be my seedlings of story. i built a door in my brain and behind it the story will grow but hopefully not so quickly that i have to start writing it before nano - or that i have too much of it figured out before november arrives and i feel i can't legitimately use it.

its one scene that leads to the next. One is not nearly as interesting or fun as the Next, but they're both important. Next was inspired i think by the scene from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid when Sundance sits in the shadows and tells Etta to get undressed which totally turned me on, even when i was a kid... or maybe it was just robert redford. or maybe those two things are interchangeable.

so i'm excited to write these little glimpses and to find out where else they will take me come november. but i'm not going to think about it any more until then. and you shouldn't either. ready, set, stop thinking!!

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